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Recruit Express CALENDAR

CLIENT 客戶: Recruit Express

Reference no 參考號碼: EADC_AA2016
Paper size 紙張尺寸: w170 x h145 mm 
Base size 底座尺寸: w262 x h187 mm
Material 物料: 100g
No. of pages 頁數: 14 pp  (7 sheets)
Printing 印刷: 4c+4c
Content 内容:  - Calendar page  日曆

It was a two-side design with a calendar and working notices showing people's working states. The die cut calendar design was used to separate different months.


月曆以兩邊揭頁,一邊有月曆,一邊是工作備註以表達自己的工作情況。月曆亦有分頁die cut位置,方便揭至該月份。

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